3 Reasons why releasing music was great in 2022

The year 2022 was a great year for music. With the rise of streaming services, more and more artists were able to get their music heard by a wider audience. Releasing music in 2022 was a great experience for many artists, and here are 3 reasons why: 

First, the sheer amount of platforms available to release music was unprecedented. From streaming services like Spotify to video sharing sites like YouTube, there was no shortage of ways to get your music out there. This meant that artists had more control over their music and could reach a wider audience. 

Second, the music industry was more open to collaboration than ever before. Artists could easily collaborate with other artists from around the world, creating unique and interesting sounds. This allowed for more creativity and experimentation, which in turn made for more interesting music. 

Third, the technology available for producing music was more advanced than ever before. This meant that artists could create better sounding music with less effort. Home studios are here to stay!

My favourite release for 2022 was definitely my EP, Turquoise Tears.

You can enjoy it on your preferred streaming platform: https://found.ee/TurquoiseTearsEP 

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