I have a confession...

It's more than halfway through January, and I have a confession. I haven't sent out a newsletter to my fans in months. I haven't been active on social media. I haven't been putting in too much energy in song writing and everything in my music world has been a total desert. I hate that I've been in a complete rut. 

I have somewhat of an excuse though... 

With the pandemic hitting close to home and my hubby landing in the hospital stole some of my spark for 2022. Um, yeah that's a whole discussion I don’t want to expand on. But in my head, I had all these plans for the future and that came to an abrupt halt. The importance of my family and my love for them has been highlighted 

If I'm being honest, I haven't really been engaging at all with anyone except fellow musicians on Twitter and Instagram. Although my head hasn't been in the game that's all changing this month. I feel rejuvenated, inspired, motivated, and ready to tackle my big dream of sharing my songs with the world. 

My EP Turquoise Tears consist of four sad songs that deals with dealing with bad breakups. Although one song can’t be classified as a sad song as it is more about love, sacrifice and hope. It has been composed in a minor key which fits in nicely with the overall theme. 

Here’s a little synopsis of each song. 

The song Turquoise Tears, which is also the title of the EP, deals about crying your heart out. 

Will I ever love again is about a person being dumped unexpectantly and trying to come to terms with the failed relationship. 

In a Moment, In a Flash is a song that tells story of a person confessing their true love and willing to make the sacrifice for their happiness. 

You don’t care at all stamps down that although you might love someone deeply, they are not as committed to the relationship than you thought. 

In summary, the EP Turquoise Tears, leaves a trail of broken hearts, diverse experiences and different ways of finding healing again. 

If so inclined, I would appreciate any pre-saves on Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer https://push.fm/ps/e0xtkpuc 

Should you want to have an exclusive insight into my EP, Turquoise Tears, prior to the release date 28 January 2022, Bandcamp is the best place to be. 




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