Cry my beloved country

It’s hard to see through the smoke of destruction that has left South Africa reeling from riots, damage to property and loss of life. I’m truly saddened that many businesses will not recover from this blatant attack and those that do, will forever resent the country’s leadership that failed in protecting them. Also, my heart will bleed for those who will suddenly become jobless after the civil unrest. 

It brought carnage, strife and a devastating impact that we’re soon going to have to face. 

What I’ve learnt during this time is that we all have a role to play. We cannot sit around bemoaning the situation, but rather to act in a positive way. Communities need to band together to protect, rebuild and be prepared in the future for instances where the law enforcement agencies cannot come to their aid. We need to stand united as a country that will not tolerate civil unrest, destruction or negative political agendas. 

Through it all I felt that music has been a source of stress relief. Some would refer to it as escapism and I’m fine with it. We all need a little something to lighten the situations that surrounds us. 

For the moment there is a sense of calm after the civil unrests and I pray for my beloved country, South Africa, to thrive again.

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