Coming Soon – Slaves of the Rhythm

Yes, you read it right. A new single is to be released 29 June 2021 called SLAVES OF THE RHYTHM. 

This song is something different from me. I wanted to to merge a dance style of music with rock. When listening to this song, you’ll be wrapped up in electric guitar tones with a driving beat. I decided add a little surprise towards the end of the song to keep it interesting and can’t wait for you to hear it. 

The lyrical theme was inspired by the emotion’s music evoked when I was dancing in a club in my youth. Being transported into a realm of pure bliss where the sound and beat felt like it was pulsing through your body. Those are the moments I’ll treasure forever even though I’ve matured with age. Just thinking back on it makes me feel young again. 

Don’t miss this new release, it’s a really fun one! 

You can presave SLAVES OF THE RHYTHM here: 

Were you ever a slave of the rhythm?

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