5 Tips I use to keep myself motivated

Most days it’s really a struggle to remain in the creative zone. Life’s challenges get in the way and it’s easy to get demotivated. 

Today I’m going to give you 5 tips I use to keep me in the creative flow. 

  1. Always get enough sleep. (Tiredness never promotes your best work. 
  2. Use weekends to detox from social media overload. 
  3. Use scheduling tools available on the internet to help you manage your time better. 
  4. Eat chocolate to boost your mood, in moderation of course. (Chocolate is believed to contain high levels of antioxidants. Some studies have suggested chocolate could lower cholesterol levels and prevent memory decline.) 
  5. Laugh every day. 

This is not the most scientific tips and might not work for everyone. But It works for me and I’d love to know what tips you could give that I might be able to implement in my own life.

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