Snippets from a Songwriter

Moving forward 

Last week, it felt almost impossible to find the words to describe what was happening to our country. 

This week, the dust has begun to settle. Communities across KZN & Gauteng has given me a renewed sense of hope and purpose. The tenacity to keep going and continue building amidst the current struggles is incredibly inspiring. 

I recorded a song a while back, that I feel is time to start putting the release in motion. It is called Need More Tme. It’s written about a mother and wife that feels totally overwhelmed with responsibility and the need to give her best to everyone around her and in the process sacrificing a little part of herself. 

Like this song suggests, I believe many South Africans are feeling overwhelmed, distraught and tired after the turbulent week we had. But I’m hopeful and believe we will rise from this. 

Moving forward together.

Cry my beloved country 

It’s hard to see through the smoke of destruction that has left South Africa reeling from riots, damage to property and loss of life. I’m truly saddened that many businesses will not recover from this blatant attack and those that do, will forever resent the country’s leadership that failed in protecting them. Also, my heart will bleed for those who will suddenly become jobless after the civil unrest. 

It brought carnage, strife and a devastating impact that we’re soon going to have to face. 

What I’ve learnt during this time is that we all have a role to play. We cannot sit around bemoaning the situation, but rather to act in a positive way. Communities need to band together to protect, rebuild and be prepared in the future for instances where the law enforcement agencies cannot come to their aid. We need to stand united as a country that will not tolerate civil unrest, destruction or negative political agendas. 

Through it all I felt that music has been a source of stress relief. Some would refer to it as escapism and I’m fine with it. We all need a little something to lighten the situations that surrounds us. 

For the moment there is a sense of calm after the civil unrests and I pray for my beloved country, South Africa, to thrive again.

New Music Alert – Slaves of the Rhythm 

Stop what you are doing! 

Think back about the days where all you wanted to do was listen to music, absorb it into your system and swim in the enjoyment of sound. Are you in that moment again? 

I know I am. My new song SLAVES OF THE RHYTHM transports me back to my clubbing days (yes, I loved it, to my parents’ dismay) Sleep deprivation didn’t bother me then as long as I could move to the music. 

Please check out my new song SLAVES OF THE RHYTHM on your platform of choice and let me know what you think. 

You can listen to it on any of your favourite digital streaming platforms:

Coming Soon – Slaves of the Rhythm 

Yes, you read it right. A new single is to be released 29 June 2021 called SLAVES OF THE RHYTHM. 

This song is something different from me. I wanted to to merge a dance style of music with rock. When listening to this song, you’ll be wrapped up in electric guitar tones with a driving beat. I decided add a little surprise towards the end of the song to keep it interesting and can’t wait for you to hear it. 

The lyrical theme was inspired by the emotion’s music evoked when I was dancing in a club in my youth. Being transported into a realm of pure bliss where the sound and beat felt like it was pulsing through your body. Those are the moments I’ll treasure forever even though I’ve matured with age. Just thinking back on it makes me feel young again. 

Don’t miss this new release, it’s a really fun one! 

You can presave SLAVES OF THE RHYTHM here: 

Were you ever a slave of the rhythm?

To be or not to be? 

For the longest time I’ve been wondering whether I should start a blog or not. 

What would I say? Would this really be of any use to someone reading it? Am I interesting enough? Do I have the time? 

And the answer is simple… 1 year = 365 opportunities to fail or to succeed. I’m choosing to make use of every opportunity that comes my way. 

So, I’ve decided to take the leap of faith, be myself and let others into the odds and ends of my thoughts. 

This is the introduction to Snippets of a Songwriter and I’ll leave you with my motto in life. 

 “If you want to change the world, start with the person staring back at you in the mirror.” – Chenél No.1