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Mixology Monkey Press Release 

Chenél No.1, a singer-songwriter based in Johannesburg, South Africa is releasing her debut self-produced EP "Mixology Monkey" on the 28th of February 2023.

With her debut as a producer, this EP contains three songs, all of them about animals, bars and monkeys. 

The first track on this EP is Mixology Monkey which is about a monkey bartender who owns a bar and deals with drunkards. It contains mysterious vocal layering during the chorus and descriptive verse lyrics telling the story of the song.

The next track on this EP is Headbanging Gorilla Rave which is an energetic country dance inspired tune about partying like a gorilla. This song might become the ear candy that you were craving for and become slightly addictive. 

The last track on the EP is Wild Animals about zoo animals wanting their freedom. There is an element of uneasiness when the lyrics start as the beasts take control of the zoo. Stand back and let the animal in you lose. This is going to be a wild ride! 

The EP is available on all major streaming and download platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and Deezer from 28 February 2023. If you don't want to miss out, do pre-save the song today!

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3 Reasons why releasing music was great in 2022 

The year 2022 was a great year for music. With the rise of streaming services, more and more artists were able to get their music heard by a wider audience. Releasing music in 2022 was a great experience for many artists, and here are 3 reasons why: 

First, the sheer amount of platforms available to release music was unprecedented. From streaming services like Spotify to video sharing sites like YouTube, there was no shortage of ways to get your music out there. This meant that artists had more control over their music and could reach a wider audience. 

Second, the music industry was more open to collaboration than ever before. Artists could easily collaborate with other artists from around the world, creating unique and interesting sounds. This allowed for more creativity and experimentation, which in turn made for more interesting music. 

Third, the technology available for producing music was more advanced than ever before. This meant that artists could create better sounding music with less effort. Home studios are here to stay!

My favourite release for 2022 was definitely my EP, Turquoise Tears.

You can enjoy it on your preferred streaming platform: 

Looking back on 2022 

This year has been a wild ride & I've been trying to get in touch with my darker side with music that spoke to me & would make my listeners feel something tangible. 

What came out of that was a lot of alternative rock themed tunes. 

2022 held a collection of songs about love and loss, about change, about finding yourself and building yourself up again. 

It's kind of like a journey through my life this year: dark themes interspersed with hope, sorrow interspersed with joy. 

It's beautiful stuff—and if you haven't heard it yet, check out the video for "Shoot for the Stars."

Or enjoy my Spotify playlist: 

What's your favorite song?

Introducing the next release - Shoot for the Stars 

By this time, you should know that I’m a songwriter that likes variety. Whether it be the theme of the song, the genre or the lyrical content. 

So with this release, an alternative rock song titled Shoot for the Stars, I’ve decided to write a song about introspection and hope in a very abstract way. Initially I wrote it with my trusty old capo as I found the key I was playing in very pleasing to the ear. Once I reached the studio, I wanted a heavier sound and had to transpose it, which brought forth this cool sounding creation. 

Shoot for the stars focusses very much on the physical act of breathing and also uses the galaxy of stars as a contrasting component where oxygen isn’t readily available. The exploratory element is still at play during the song where the character keeps pushing to another level. 

This song consists of heavy guitars, pounding drums, melodic lines and subtle bass which makes Shoot for the Stars the perfect accompaniment for a couple minutes of self-reflection. 

I really hope you enjoy this track as much as I had writing it! 

If so inclined and you’d like to support me by adding it to one of your personal playlists, it would be greatly appreciated.

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You're a LIghthouse Press Release 


OUT 6 MAY 2022 


“Best Newcomer Songwriter – Category Winner” – Afri-Indie Independent Music Awards 2022 

“Best Newcomer & Best Alternative Single – Category Nominations” – Afri-Indie Independent Music Awards 2022 

“Write a Song - Winner” – Storm Media Productions 2021 


Pre-save link for You're a Lighthouse - Click Here

Johannesburg based singer songwriter Chenél No.1 is leaning toward a different sound in 2022. Chenél has always written and composed her own songs, shifting from a country folk influence of her previous music from 2021 to a more refined alternative rock sound. 

With You’re a Lighthouse Chenél expanded not with more people, but with more instruments by including strings in the song. This emotive blend of acoustic-based rock loaded with stunning lyrics drives the song home with a heartwarming feeling. It would fit nicely in the libraries of fans of Amy MacDonald or Texas. 

You’re a Lighthouse is about finding your way back to someone that has the ability to recenter you and make you feel safe. Chenél wrote the song during December 2021 when her hubby was man down with Covid. She self-isolated with their daughters and this song was the result of longing, anxiety and hope. 

This captivating acoustic rock ballad You’re a Lighthouse by Chenél No.1 is out 6 May 2022. 







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More about the EP Turquoise Tears 

Songs about love have got to be about the most common songs out there. But why love? I think people find it irresistible to allow themselves to be pulled into a song that describes strong emotions they’ve felt before. They like to know that others have felt that same sentiment. And we never seem to tire of it! 

I think that is the reason why the EP, Turquoise Tears is so special to me. 

It deals with different stages of love, heartbreak and hope. In the end, only true love stands the test of time, but we learn something about our own hearts each step of the way. 

The EP consists of four songs: 

Turquoise Tears – Themed around being so heartbroken that you could drown in your own tears. 
Will I ever love again – Themed around the question after the person has been blindsided in the relationship. 
In a moment, in a flash – Themed with a hopefulness and knowing that you’d do anything to make the person happy that you are with. 
You don’t care at all – Themed around a breakup where the person feels abandoned and wondering what had gone wrong in the relationship. 

Please enjoy this collection of songs and remember not to close your heart to someone else that might be the One even after a bad breakup. 

Listen to the songs on Turquoise Tears by clicking on this link

Trepidation & Thankfulness 

When I planned the release of my EP, Turquoise Tears, I was filled with a bit of trepidation as to how it would be received. Because I was focusing on sad themed songs, I was worried that the EP might come off a bit depressing. 

With these 4 songs I wanted to highlight the fact that everyone gets hurt some time in their lives, yet we learn through the process and healing is possible. Sometimes we guard our hearts against the next person that enters our lives. In the end true love always prevails and the brick wall built around your heart crumbles piece by piece. 

I was happy that the EP has been well received and that the title song, Turquoise Tears, got selected by Spotify for one of their editorial playlists, SAlt (South African Alternative and folk pop jams) and I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity to showcase my song to the world. 

Thank you for everyone who has supported me, listened to my songs, given me a shout out and sent me messages with positive feedback. I’m humbled and thankful for you. 

Here’s the link to the Spotify Editorial playlist you’ll find Turquoise Tears on and many other talented artists. 

Link to Spotify Editorial Playlist - SAlt

I have a confession... 

It's more than halfway through January, and I have a confession. I haven't sent out a newsletter to my fans in months. I haven't been active on social media. I haven't been putting in too much energy in song writing and everything in my music world has been a total desert. I hate that I've been in a complete rut. 

I have somewhat of an excuse though... 

With the pandemic hitting close to home and my hubby landing in the hospital stole some of my spark for 2022. Um, yeah that's a whole discussion I don’t want to expand on. But in my head, I had all these plans for the future and that came to an abrupt halt. The importance of my family and my love for them has been highlighted 

If I'm being honest, I haven't really been engaging at all with anyone except fellow musicians on Twitter and Instagram. Although my head hasn't been in the game that's all changing this month. I feel rejuvenated, inspired, motivated, and ready to tackle my big dream of sharing my songs with the world. 

My EP Turquoise Tears consist of four sad songs that deals with dealing with bad breakups. Although one song can’t be classified as a sad song as it is more about love, sacrifice and hope. It has been composed in a minor key which fits in nicely with the overall theme. 

Here’s a little synopsis of each song. 

The song Turquoise Tears, which is also the title of the EP, deals about crying your heart out. 

Will I ever love again is about a person being dumped unexpectantly and trying to come to terms with the failed relationship. 

In a Moment, In a Flash is a song that tells story of a person confessing their true love and willing to make the sacrifice for their happiness. 

You don’t care at all stamps down that although you might love someone deeply, they are not as committed to the relationship than you thought. 

In summary, the EP Turquoise Tears, leaves a trail of broken hearts, diverse experiences and different ways of finding healing again. 

If so inclined, I would appreciate any pre-saves on Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer 

Should you want to have an exclusive insight into my EP, Turquoise Tears, prior to the release date 28 January 2022, Bandcamp is the best place to be. 



Want to hear a terrible story? Me neither. 

With the world in such turmoil since the pandemic hit, I honestly didn’t think that releasing Opry Star would be ideal. 

At first writing a song with a sad undertone was a challenge as I wanted to focus on the effects of PTSD has on soldiers. I scrapped those lyrics immediately as it felt too heavy and not something I wanted to release into the world. 

Being a great fan of Dolly Parton and her songs being rooted in strong storytelling, I opted to rather write in the country genre, focusing all my effort on telling this particular soldier’s story. 

The images that I had in my mind was of a young man full of expectation for the future that came home a broken man after his arm was ripped away by an explosion. I focused on his dreams, which would my much like my own, to one day be a successful artist. I could relate with the fact that it would be extremely hard to deal with the fact that my dreams could not come true. 

The story evolves as the soldier struggles though life searching for his purpose. There are conversations between him and his Creator of which he finally submits to God’s will and becomes a preacher. In essence he had more impact to touch peoples lives than he would have, had he become a country star. 

I hope you liked the back story of this song and please give a listen to Opry Star on Spotify 

Or your favorite streaming platform: 

Until next time, be a positive influence to others.

5 Tips I use to keep myself motivated 

Most days it’s really a struggle to remain in the creative zone. Life’s challenges get in the way and it’s easy to get demotivated. 

Today I’m going to give you 5 tips I use to keep me in the creative flow. 

  1. Always get enough sleep. (Tiredness never promotes your best work. 
  2. Use weekends to detox from social media overload. 
  3. Use scheduling tools available on the internet to help you manage your time better. 
  4. Eat chocolate to boost your mood, in moderation of course. (Chocolate is believed to contain high levels of antioxidants. Some studies have suggested chocolate could lower cholesterol levels and prevent memory decline.) 
  5. Laugh every day. 

This is not the most scientific tips and might not work for everyone. But It works for me and I’d love to know what tips you could give that I might be able to implement in my own life.