Electronic Press Kit: Single Release "Heart First Head Last" by Chenél No.1


"Heart First Head Last" is the electrifying new folk-rock single by Chenél No.1, a singer-songwriter known for her captivating storytelling and genre-bending musical style. This emotionally charged song delves into the complex world of conflicting emotions that arise when falling in love. With its acoustic beginnings that swell into a crescendo of pounding drums and electric guitar, "Heart First Head Last" is a sonic journey through the highs and lows of romantic turmoil.


Artist Overview:

Chenél No.1 is a versatile South African songwriter whose music transcends boundaries. With a distinctive fusion of folk, rock and electric elements, she's known for her ability to craft songs that strike a deep emotional chord with her audience. Her previous releases have garnered critical acclaim for their poetic lyrics and dynamic musical arrangements, and "Heart First Head Last" promises to be another standout addition to her discography.


Single Concept:

"Heart First Head Last" is a musical exploration of the inner conflict that often accompanies falling in love. The song's acoustic beginning sets the stage for the vulnerability and uncertainty of the initial stages of a romantic relationship. As the track progresses, it evolves into a powerful, full-band arrangement that mirrors the intensity and passion that love can evoke. The lyrics navigate the push and pull of emotions, capturing the essence of love's unpredictability.


Track Highlights:

"Heart First Head Last" - Chenél No.1's mesmerizing vocals take centre stage in this emotionally charged song. The acoustic guitar-driven intro sets a contemplative tone before the song erupts into a sonic landscape of pounding drums and electric guitar. The lyrics poetically explore the tension between following one's heart and rationalizing with one's head when it comes to matters of the heart.


Press Highlights:

"Chenél No.1's 'Heart First Head Last' is a dynamic musical journey that beautifully captures the tumultuous nature of love. Her ability to seamlessly blend folk and rock elements while maintaining lyrical depth is a testament to her artistry." – Martin Du Randt


"With 'Heart First Head Last,' Chenél No.1 showcases her prowess as a songwriter and artist. The song's raw energy and introspective lyrics make it a relatable anthem for anyone who has grappled with the complexities of love." – The Keen Music Fan


Release Date and Distribution:

"Heart First Head Last" is set to be released on 8 November 2023. The single will be available on all major music streaming platforms, making it accessible to listeners worldwide. Fans can also find the single on Chenél No.1's official website https://chenelno1.com/, which will provide direct links to streaming platforms and additional information.


Contact Information:

For press inquiries, interviews, or review copies of Heartland, please contact:

Chenél No.1


+27 82 295 8531



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Streaming Links:

Listen to "Heart First Head Last" on your favourite music platforms from 8 November 2023

Streaming Link: https://found.ee/HeartFirstHeadLast

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