Introducing the next release - Shoot for the Stars

By this time, you should know that I’m a songwriter that likes variety. Whether it be the theme of the song, the genre or the lyrical content. 

So with this release, an alternative rock song titled Shoot for the Stars, I’ve decided to write a song about introspection and hope in a very abstract way. Initially I wrote it with my trusty old capo as I found the key I was playing in very pleasing to the ear. Once I reached the studio, I wanted a heavier sound and had to transpose it, which brought forth this cool sounding creation. 

Shoot for the stars focusses very much on the physical act of breathing and also uses the galaxy of stars as a contrasting component where oxygen isn’t readily available. The exploratory element is still at play during the song where the character keeps pushing to another level. 

This song consists of heavy guitars, pounding drums, melodic lines and subtle bass which makes Shoot for the Stars the perfect accompaniment for a couple minutes of self-reflection. 

I really hope you enjoy this track as much as I had writing it! 

If so inclined and you’d like to support me by adding it to one of your personal playlists, it would be greatly appreciated.

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