Give Me Your Love - The Perics and Chenél No.1 Collaboration

You'll be seeing a lot of the song, Give Me Your Love, on your social media feed this week.

The Perics and Chenél No.1 are back with their new pop folk track, "Give me your love." The song is about the value of love, and it's one that we can all relate to.

The Perics have a long history of writing songs that make us feel warm inside, and this one is no different. The lyrics are powerful and sweetly told, with a lovely chorus that will stick with you for days.

Chenél No.1 has been working on her EP for months now, but she's almost ready to share it with her fans! Her voice is so unique - it will make you want to listen again and again.

With this collaboration you can expect a folk pop sound with a dash of pure happiness that would be perfect for any upbeat playlist. If you’d like to pre-save the song on Spotify to get notified when Give Me Your Love releases on 6 June 2023. 

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