The one fear I had to overcome early on in my music

I’m turning 40 next year and as I look back on my life, I regret not taking the leap of faith to pursue music earlier. 

Honestly venturing out to become a songwriter had never crossed my mind. Yes, I jotted down some lyrics and composed some songs with my guitar as a trusty partner. It was purely for my own enjoyment and creative release. 

It was during the summer of 2019 that I came across a local songwriting competition and though, I might as well take a shot at it. I didn’t win, but managed to reach 15th place. You’re probably thinking, that’s not great, but I at least reached the top 20. That’s something isn’t it? 

This experience was the one thing that super charged my motivation to start actively writing songs. October 2019 I released my first song called Just because of you. It’s a country song that is personal to me as I wrote it for my husband and about our relationship. 

Although it is not one of my most popular songs it will always remain special to me as it is the song that started me on this musical journey. 

In summary, the fear I had to overcome was to not let my current lack of capabilities stand in the way of me creating the songs I wanted to write. With practice and skill development everyone becomes better. But I had to start at the bottom and work my way up. 

My hope is to keep growing and creating songs that would capture my listeners hearts.


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