Introducing the next release - Need More Time

Hi everyone, 

I’m so excited about this release, Need More Time, that will be exclusively available on Bandcamp the 1st of August 2021 and the official release on major streaming platforms will be Thursday, 2nd September 2021. 

I’m a songwriter 24/7. Whether I’m working, playing with kids, making dinner or talking to my mother. Through this song I looked through my songwriter eyes at how I’d describe my life as a wife, mother of three energetic girls and full-time employee with the dream of becoming a great songwriter. 

This song is all about being overwhelmed! As I know many others are too. 

The theme at the core of this song is to stop rushing. Start listening. Disconnect from social media, reconnect to yourself. Not to pack your schedule to overflow, leaving time to hear the whispers of peace around you and to actually enjoy life in all its fullness. 

Now more than ever, it's so important that we life with patience, faith, love and try to find the joy in our moments. Especially as parents. We need serenity to recharge our souls. 

I hope you have an amazing rest of your week! 


Chenél No.1 

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