More about the EP Turquoise Tears

Songs about love have got to be about the most common songs out there. But why love? I think people find it irresistible to allow themselves to be pulled into a song that describes strong emotions they’ve felt before. They like to know that others have felt that same sentiment. And we never seem to tire of it! 

I think that is the reason why the EP, Turquoise Tears is so special to me. 

It deals with different stages of love, heartbreak and hope. In the end, only true love stands the test of time, but we learn something about our own hearts each step of the way. 

The EP consists of four songs: 

Turquoise Tears – Themed around being so heartbroken that you could drown in your own tears. 
Will I ever love again – Themed around the question after the person has been blindsided in the relationship. 
In a moment, in a flash – Themed with a hopefulness and knowing that you’d do anything to make the person happy that you are with. 
You don’t care at all – Themed around a breakup where the person feels abandoned and wondering what had gone wrong in the relationship. 

Please enjoy this collection of songs and remember not to close your heart to someone else that might be the One even after a bad breakup. 

Listen to the songs on Turquoise Tears by clicking on this link

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