Want to hear a terrible story? Me neither.

With the world in such turmoil since the pandemic hit, I honestly didn’t think that releasing Opry Star would be ideal. 

At first writing a song with a sad undertone was a challenge as I wanted to focus on the effects of PTSD has on soldiers. I scrapped those lyrics immediately as it felt too heavy and not something I wanted to release into the world. 

Being a great fan of Dolly Parton and her songs being rooted in strong storytelling, I opted to rather write in the country genre, focusing all my effort on telling this particular soldier’s story. 

The images that I had in my mind was of a young man full of expectation for the future that came home a broken man after his arm was ripped away by an explosion. I focused on his dreams, which would my much like my own, to one day be a successful artist. I could relate with the fact that it would be extremely hard to deal with the fact that my dreams could not come true. 

The story evolves as the soldier struggles though life searching for his purpose. There are conversations between him and his Creator of which he finally submits to God’s will and becomes a preacher. In essence he had more impact to touch peoples lives than he would have, had he become a country star. 

I hope you liked the back story of this song and please give a listen to Opry Star on Spotify 

Or your favorite streaming platform: https://songwhip.com/chenel-no1/opry-star 

Until next time, be a positive influence to others.

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